Key Benefits of Exercise Bike for Health

July 4, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Key Benefits of Exercise Bike for Health

Adding some form of physical exercise in daily routine is a huge favor you can do to yourself as it improves your health, boost your immune system and gives strength to your muscles and tone your body parts. In this fast age each technology is coming in its latest shape with multiple benefits. In the world of exercise and fitness Exercise Bike is one of the best equipment you can use for your daily cardio workout. The reasons behind the popularity of exercise bikes are that these are light in weight, easy to use, and foldable. Latest designs of Exercise Bikes are offering more facilities such as cooling fans, heart rate monitors and customizable fitness programs. This article will help you to discover more about it.

Weight Loss:

When we talk about any exercise equipment our main purpose is to look its features that help in fast weight loss. If you choose exercise bike you are right this time as it is efficient way of burning more calories in short amount of time. Riding on stationary bike for half an hour at a time can burn about 200 to 300 calories (While it depends on users’ weight).


Cycling is a best way to tone your legs as when you are pedaling away on an exercise bike, your glutes, calves and quads work harder propelling the bike. In addition to this if you are working that handlebar, you are giving your upper body a workout too.

Muscle Strengthening:

The major benefit of workout on stationary bike is that these bikes work tirelessly to strengthen group of muscles that support thighs, legs, and back muscles. You can use two different strokes on exercise bike the push and the pull. Pull strokes are useful to strengthen the hamstrings while push strokes are best to strengthen the quads.

Ease of access:

You can use it whenever, wherever without bothering the weather outside. You can keep your recumbent bike in your home, bedroom or who cares if you keep it in your office. Having your exercise bike near you gives you a chance to workout after dinner, lunch or breakfast or during break hours from your work. In addition, you can also watch your favorite TV show, you can have an eye on your babies, or you can read a newspaper during workout.

Ease on joints:

Running and jogging on a hard track outside especially in hot and cold weathers gives you a tough time and running on tracks causes serious impacts on your joint. Exercise bike it keeps your heart rate up without putting extra stress on precious muscles. In fact, it puts less stress on ankles, hips, knees and back than walking. Your knees should bend slightly on down pedal stroke. In any other position of your knees, you need to adjust the saddle.


Cardio exercise works to regulate sugar level, to lower down the high blood pressure, to prevent heart attacks and to lose weight. Hopping on an exercise bike is exceptional way to work your body as it helps your heart to become more efficient at pumping. It also works hard to lower the bad cholesterol level and increase the good cholesterol level in your body. Riding on an exercise bike for half an hour a day per week can extend your life.

Boosts your energy:

Exercise on bike boosts your energy levels by 20% and decrease fats by 65% as cycling triggers brain to release neurotransmitter dopamine which is linked to energy. Riding on bike can strengthen your heart and lungs too and improves ability to utilize more oxygen. It regulated high blood pressure and improves respiratory system. For fast and best results, it is recommended to exercise 5 days a week for half an hour.

Now you are familiar with the key benefits of Exercise Bike, it’s time to find the one that best suits you. To ensure that you are choosing best bike, ask yourself below mentioned questions.

  • Do you need something smaller that folds up, or do you have room for something with all the bells and whistles?
  • What do you want to spend?
  • How often are you planning on using it?
  • What will you use the bike for? What is your primary goal?