We are committed to provide our customers with excellence services to make sure no order is missed. That’s why we are offering warranty on specific products to give our buyers best shopping opportunity at Zeesol Store. To know the period of warranty being offered on an item, see the product page.

Warranty is offered on specific products only when you make sure the correct usage of that product. The seller will not be responsible in case of wrong usage of items by the user.

Read carefully the usage guide of products with warranty:

  1. Don’t use heavy electric appliances/equipment on UPS or Generators to avoid electric shocks risk. (Use stabilizers for smooth current flow)
  2. Don’t violate the max user weight capacity in case of exercise machines and workout equipment.
  3. Don’t use home use appliances/equipment on commercial basis.
  4. Don’t use treadmill/running machines more than 40 minutes continuously to avoid excess load on motor. Give your equipment rest for 1 hour in case of extra usage.
  5. Clean and use “Silicon Oil” below area of belts in treadmill/running machines to lower friction effects. (After every 2 weeks)
  6. Get your treadmill/running machine fully serviced by an expert after every 3 months.